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Augmentin is used to treat many different infections caused by bacteria, such as sinusitis, pneumonia, ear infections, bronchitis, urinary tract infections, and infections of the skin.

Augmentin cost without insurance was $9.00 per dose. If you chose to make up the difference in cost by buying a more expensive EpiPen at $159 each, you would pay $10,000 generic viagra canadian pharmacy online for the full-price product, even if insurance discount provided by the pharmaceutical industry applied. However, it goes without saying that the cost to buy a more expensive EpiPen will be significantly higher depending upon your health insurance policy. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, most employers' plans charge $90 or more per month after deductible plus out-of-pocket expenses; the Kaiser Family Foundation also found that uninsured individuals are charged $300 to $500 for a similar EpiPen. While this price is certainly out of reach for many, there are several "free" discounts for purchasing EpiPens with insurance. The EpiPen's Price Tags Are So Outrageous, They Worth $1.45 Billion On average, it costs about $300 to manufacture a prescription-only EpiPen. This includes the cost of drug itself, in addition to the cost of FDA-approved packaging, labeling, shipping, insurance payments, and the price of raw materials. The cost of drug goes up if a patient requires two EpiPens. As of September 1, 2014, the maximum allowed by federal law for the distribution of a pair EpiPens is one EpiPen with a 90-day supply, for total Augmentin buy online uk charge of $500. However, if a patient receives one EpiPen in the mail and other comes from a second pharmacy, the patient pays a total of $600 for the two devices. A single dose of epinephrine, which is the drug used to combat a potentially fatal allergic reaction, can cost $12.50 or more on average. According to the Center for Food Safety, average cost of a single dose epinephrine is $41.51, which almost the price for a pack of cigarettes ($43.76). These figures represent the cost of drug without paying for any medical bills, so the actual impact for patients is a little less than $1.5 billion per year. Of course, depending on the type of EpiPen patient Augmentin antibiotico costi uses and how much money patients have, actual prices could be significantly higher. It Costs $1.9 Million To Produce a Single EpiPen On average a single EpiPen lasts for 1,500 doses, meaning that the drug manufacturer makes about $1,900 each time the drug is given to a patient. About 30 percent of patients need to use two EpiPens maintain their effective dose, meaning that the cost of producing two EpiPens amounts to an extra $5,600 per patient. If patients get two EpiPens from the same pharmacy (in which case the cost would total $9,100), of providing them is $2,500. A single EpiPen costs $500. The EpiPen's Controversy Isn't Over Over the past few years, many companies have stepped in to produce generic versions of the EpiPen. But, augmentin syrup cost despite fact that they're